The Bulgarian company EcoRec ( has more than 20 years of experience in auto catalyst recycling and more than 25 years in e-scrap recycling. In autumn 2019 the company installed and put in operation new equipment for recycling auto catalytic converters and e-scrap with the Turbo-Crusher TQZ 1200 of the German company THM recycling solutions GmbH.

Application area of the recycling machine TQZ 1200:

The TQZ 1200 plays everywhere from its strengths, where a variety of composite materials gently and efficiently need to be explored. Even with extraneous material he can convince.

Benefits of TQZ:

  • fast and gentle digestion of various composites
  • an offer according to the customer’s needs (requirements): working width from 900 mm to 2500 mm
  • dependable separation of the material-fractions and of the environment-sensitive components
  • high throughput as far as 17 t/h or 25 t/h in the Bio-Type of the Machine
  • dramatically reduced wear costs
  • rapid change of the chains
  • insensitive to contaminants
  • closed system of different ways of working

About THM recycling solutions

THM recycling solutions GmbH is a sales and marketing company which belongs to Maschinenbau Ehehalt GmbH from Eppingen-Mühlbach (Germany), a company with over 30 years expertise in manufacturing and development of recycling machines and with more than 1000 installed machines recycling machines worldwide.

The product portfolio includes robust Granulators, Turbo-Crusher, Cutting Mills, Hammer Mills, Shredders as well as Pre-Shredder. In addition, THM provides a wide range of service to his customers.

For more information about THM recycling solutions: