For over 25 years Philipp has successfully imported high-quality European machinery produced by the engineering companies from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other EU countries to Russia and CIS.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought certain challenges to the lean procedures established in our company encouraging the search for innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Pigment Xtrutech 1Holding Company “Pigment" LLC is the oldest company in Russia operating in the field of development and production of paint and varnishes for various purposes. In 2020, the company launched the production of epoxy resins and powder coatings at the new site in Yanino industrial park in Vsevolozhskiy region. The capacity of the plant reaches 14 ths. tons of powder coatings and 20 ths. tons of epoxy resins per year.

In the view of the introduced quarantine measures and international travel restrictions, Philipp and its partners, the equipment manufacturers, have decided to launch the 3 purchased production lines for Pigment remotely. This experience has become totally new for each party involved. The technical service teams brought their best qualities to the procedures, and thanks to high professionalism, timely support, and team spirit well-coordinated and productive work has been ensured.

Each powder coating line consisted of machines produced by the leading European manufacturers: MIXACO (container mixer), Xtrutech (twin-screw extruder), BBA Innova (conveyor cooler), NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology (impact classifier-mill), GKM Siebtechnik (vibrating screen).

The commissioning of the equipment has been performed stage-by-stage through online videoconference sessions and by telephone in certain cases.

Prior to the start-up, Pigment specialists have done all mechanical inspections of the equipment, as requested by the manufacturers’ engineers, and ensured all necessary connections.

By further joint visual inspection of all system components, connections, and sensors through videoconference calls, the manufacturers checked that the equipment was ready for the launch.

After the successful commissioning works and acceptance tests with the product, the equipment has been put into operation and has been run at full capacity ensuring the development of the planned capacity of the Pigment plant.